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We're at our best when we're serving. You're an important part of creating a place for people to forget religion and find God, and we want to make sure you're in the right spot to make the most impact and not getting lost in the crowd! 

No matter where you have served before, this is a chance to pick the team that YOU want to be a part of now. It's a chance to pick an experience time where you'll be able to consistently make a difference in people's lives and build connections with The MVMT Family you'll serve with each month. 

Watch the video above or download this PDF for a brief description of the heart behind each Weekend Serve Team. 


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Let us know where and what time you want to serve on the weekends so we can update our team lists and schedule! 

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Choose the experience when you want to be scheduled to served twice a month. You can still attend at other times, but this will be the time that you own as part of a Serve Team.
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If you have any questions, no longer want to volunteer at The Movement, or need help figuring out where you fit, email