We're excited to announce

Starting Wednesday, September 6, Rust City will be undergoing a few healthy changes as to how Wednesday nights will look like going forward. Youth will still be operational every Wednesday night as it already is, however, each of those nights will have a different look designed to create a maximum impact on our youth:



1st Wednesday

Encounter: This is an experience that is open to everyone from each campus. On this night, we take communion together and focus on going deeper in our relationship with Christ through live worship and a guest speaker.

2nd Wednesday

RC Life Groups: This is a night where instead of having a live experience, all students grow deeper together through individual Life Groups. We found that when Life Groups were on separate nights of the week, not very many students were able to attend. Having it this way, all students are able to be a part of a small life-giving group where they can learn and grow.

3rd Wednesday

Team Night: This is an exclusive experience for MVMT volunteers or those who are interested in becoming one. It’s a night of worship and a practical leadership lesson given by MVMT staff. Having this on a Wednesday night will encourage students to serve on weekends, resulting in a healthy unity between youth and the church as a whole.

4th Wednesday

Hype Nite: This will be the experience everyone looks forward to most and will resemble what we do now on a typical Wednesday, only magnified! With MVMT Worship, an impactful message, games, food and more, students from all over the community will come together on this one special night.

5th Wednesday

Offsite activity/event: When there is a 5th Wednesday in a given month, Rust City will be off-site to do something fun together. Whether it be a movie night or Water Wars type events, youth students will be together with leaders, building relationships and making memories.



We believe so strongly in the purpose that God has instilled into each and every one of our youth students and that is the reason behind this revamp. By shifting the way each Wednesday looks, more opportunities are created for each student to grow in new ways and become closer to who they are meant to be.

Thank you so much for your continued support of what God is doing in the next generation at The Movement! We are so excited to see what He does and are excited to walk through the journey with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally and I would love to talk with you!


Neal Neuberger

RC Youth Director