In the 14th century, brand new radical converts to Christianity were called “neophytes” (from Greek neophytos: newly planted, newly converted) and were often assigned to a more seasoned believer to guide them through their first couple years as a follower of Jesus.  We have seen a generation of people who are not being impacted by the church and are indifferent or hostile to the idea of God. This generation is not interested in ritualistic, rhetorical religion—they want something real.

There's no better way to explain NEO Academy! We ask students to set aside two years of their life to study and train with passionate pastors and leaders, so they can be sent out to make a difference for Christ in this world.  NEO Academy is not a typical bible college but a 2-year program in which students are equipped for practical, relational, innovative ministry through hands-on training and mentoring.

“NEO” also has special meaning as it represents North East Ohio, which is where we are located. NEO Academy is designed to guide you toward becoming what you believe – becoming more like Jesus and becoming the person God created you to be.



NEO Academy is designed to be a two year, four semester program launching ministry-minded students into various forms and facets of ministry. Students are trained & mentored by active ministry leaders of The Movement, participating in real-life, hands-on ministry during their time at NEO. The goal is to place students in ministry positions (not necessarily paid) at the end of their time at NEO Academy.  



Nathan Pearson
Neo Academy Director


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