Letter from Pastor

[ about saturdays at the movement ]

To my MVMT peeps,

What an awesome year it’s been so far! We’ve seen over 100 new people join The MVMT Family by taking our NEXT class offered every month. Even more amazing are the 300+ who have said “yes” to Jesus and the 110 who were water baptized a few weeks ago. I love what I get to do! 

I’m writing you to keep you in the loop of a major change we’re making starting the weekend of June 11. You might know this is our first “I Was Broke; Now I’m Not” Financial Freedom Weekend with nationally recognized Biblically-based financial consultant, Joe Sangl. If you haven’t registered for Monday night’s event yet, here’s a link: www.themvmt.com/iwasbroke

That weekend will also mark the first weekend that we will not be offering our Saturday night experience at Niles Campus. This is a big deal for us because we started The Movement on Saturday nights and have been going strong for the past 6 years. But we have felt that we’re moving into a new season and so, for the foreseeable future, we’ll no longer gather on Saturday nights. We did not make this decision lightly, so I wanted to share my heart with you so you can understand the reasons behind this change. 

1. Staff Health 

Over the years, we’ve seen a few of our staff burn out and transition, and one thing they continually brought to my attention was the loss of their entire weekend for church. For those who attended Saturday nights, it probably took up 60 to 90 minutes of your Saturday. For our team, it’s up to 5 hours – and then waking up the next morning to be at church by 8AM and do it all a few more times! 

Back when my wife and I (and the majority of our team) were young adults with no kids, it didn’t seem that challenging. But now much of our staff consists of young families who are juggling all the crazy that comes with parenting, and it’s a lot harder. 

I don’t want any of our talented, called, incredible pastors or staff to experience burnout or have to sacrifice the health of their marriages and families for ministry. God commands us to rest and we believe that letting go of our Saturday service for this season will allow us to do rest more effectively, so we can be healthier and better equipped to minister to the church and give your our best! 

2. Lack of Volunteer Commitment 

We get that Saturday nights are tough to commit to with all the family parties, community events, and all you have going on, but we’ve seen more inconsistency in volunteerism at that service than any other. The reality is that we need about 100 volunteers to make one service click at full capacity, and we had 24 committed volunteers for Saturday night. 

To the 24 faithful I want to say, THANK YOU! You guys have been champs! I’m excited to say that every one of these committed families are relocating to another service time on Sunday. Which brings me to my last reason… 

3. Sunday Night is open for business

Over a month ago, we launched 6PM Sunday night as a new time option for Niles Campus. It has exceeded our expectations, thanks to Pastor Brad Tarleton and his team. So for you night owl churchgoers (I’m one of you!) we still have an awesome, life-giving evening experience that you can attend and plug into, just on Sunday instead of Saturday! We see this actually being a time that is more open for many people and are excited for it to continue to grow, along with Sunday mornings. 

To conclude, I love where our church is going. We are still growing and it is showing at all our locations, but for this season we are saying goodbye to the first service my wife and I started 6 years ago, with the hope that in the right time we can bring it back. When we were making this decision, my wife reflected that our motto – Forget Religion. Find God. – means that no ritual, tradition, or rule will be more important than God and His plans for us. We won’t keep doing something just because it’s what we’ve always done. We will do our best to follow God’s leading and discern how He wants us to accomplish our mission in each season. 

If you have any questions or other thoughts, shoot me an email; I would love to chat. 

PD (doug garasic)