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starting point

There's no better place to start than where you are. If you are new to Christ things can seem complicated and can leave you feeling unsure. Starting Point has been designed for those looking to take on a new understanding of their faith, strengthening it and ultimately learning who you were created to be! Come on out for a free lunch and make some new friends by signing up below. 


Next is for those are interested in becoming a part of an ever-growing family of leaders who put hard work into reaching the people in their community by making an impact through the local church. God has called us to do more than attend the local church, but to be an active part of it. Click "Sign up" below to take the next step in your faith.



neo academy

NEO Academy is designed to be a two year, four semester program launching ministry-minded students into various forms and facets of ministry. Students are trained & mentored by active ministry leaders of The Movement, participating in real-life, hands-on ministry during their time at NEO. The goal is to place students in ministry positions (not necessarily paid) at the end of their time at NEO Academy.

transformed life

Becoming a Christian is just the first step in finding the amazing life that God wants you to live. Even though your relationship with God, eternal destination, and true self become new, you are still left in a world, remain in a body, and stuck with a mind that are pretty much the same. This course will show you how to transform your life from the inside out by changing the way you think!  This is a 6 week course, taught by Pastor Brad Tarleton that usually costs $100, but if you took NEXT at The Movement, you're eligible to attend the Transformed Life course for FREE.



mvmt cares

All of us at some point or another are going to be faced with hardships. MVMT Cares is an amazing resource here for when times feel uncertain and you are in need of advice or just need somebody to talk to. Click "Learn More" below to see the several different available categories.

Rust city

Rust city is our amazing youth group that takes place every Wednesday at 7pm. Its for students in grades 6th-12th.  Come on out for an awesome time of fellowship, worship, and a word from our Youth Pastor, Neal Neuberger. If you're a parent or student and want some more information, click "Learn More" below.



Kid & mini Mvmt

Here at the Movement we believe in our next generation. At each of our campuses while the main experience is taking place, there is also a kid tailored experience happening at the same time! Feel free to check your kids in before service at any of our locations and know that they are learning about Jesus! Please click "Learn More" to get more information on Kid & Mini Mvmt!